Monday, March 11, 2013

Enhanced - NATO Assembled

Risen from the previous 2 months of real life; I finally have returned to business again, yay! With good news, of course; I've already been accepted into a university which spares me from a lot of work that could've emerged. That's not important now, let's get into the updates.

This is NATO's logo I made 5 minutes ago

Why has USA been changed to NATO? Well, that's according to the mod's storyline in the campaign; shorten as followed:
The plots after PLA seized control back from the GLA in most parts of Europe. Peace lasted not long before another Cold War broke out between USA and China. A newly formed Chinese Socialist-party was brought into the ruling of the country with a promise of leading the country into a greater age. With the escalation, NATO assembled once again to deal with the newly emerged threat.

Something like that lol.

This is NATO "Bradley" IFV. This is just another typical Bradley IFV, nothing specific about it. And here is Wikipedia; manufactured by BAE Systems Land and Armaments, formerly United Defense. It was named after U.S. General Omar Bradley.

Side: NATO
Capacity: 5 men
Weapon: 25 mm M242, TOW Missile Launcher, Machine Gun
Armour: Meduim Plate
Speed: Fast
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training, TOW Missile Launcher

This is NATO "Stormer" APC. An support vehicle, used for various strategies depending on the situation and the decision of the commander to utilized it.

Planned features are as followed:

### This doesn't mean it will include every options ###
-Normal configuration, armed with Starstreak HVM
-Armed with 25 mm cannon
-Engineering configuration
-Ambulance configuration
-Mine layering configuration
-Armed 81 mm or 120 mm mortar
-Drone controlling configuration

Side: NATO
Capacity: 6 men
Weapon: Depends on the configuration
Armour: Meduim Plate
Speed: Medium
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training

This is PLA Adv. ECM Tank. An "Electronic Counter Measures Tank", has the role of supporting unit in the PLA forces, capable of jamming small missiles and disabling enemy vehicles.

The differences between this Adv. version and the normal one, are that this Adv. version has a wider range of missile jamming and a longer range of vehicle disability.

Side: PLA Tank General
Weapon: Electronic Counter-Measures
Armour: Meduim Plate
Speed: Medium

Well, the last good news would be about how I've done these; with a help from TheHunter649, I'm able to create my own models and skins from now. Big thanks to him! Cheers :D

Be aware that these are not entirely done yet, some are merely a completed unit. Things might change as the time flies but feel free to suggest or advice.

Thank you for reading if you actually have read the entire thing.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Digital Art - Swaying Heart

Well, shit...

This is my first submitted work this year. So, why not use the title of a song I wrote? Even though, they're not related to each other at all, literally. Yeah, I was trying some new pose, the outcome as you can see > . >

I don't really know what to talk about here since I don't have any details related to this original character I'm working. Yes, this is an original character in an unannounced project.

What do I used to write in the description again? Ohh, yes. This represents as what the title said; she's fucking in love. There.

Tools: Sai, Photoshop

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Enhanced - Eagle's Retreat

The first update of 2013 and might be the last as well for the moment as for I'm not sure whether I'll have the time or not. But, here are those which I'd like to show you guys.

This is USA Humvee. Well, what's the fucking difference from the original one? The answer is this one is just a variation built of a normal Humvee. The laser version will also be available as well, you can't see it since I haven't done it. Are there be more variations to come? I have no clue. That depends on my enthusiasm.

Side: USA
Capacity: 3 men
Weapon: Machine Gun, TOW Missile Launcher
Armour: Standard Humvee Plate
Speed: Fast
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training, TOW Missile Launcher

This is USA Paladin Howitzer. Well, in the last Paladin Tank related update, it was replaced by Abrams Tank so your argument is invalid. Long story short, this is a self-propelled howitzer edited from vanilla Paladin.

Side: Either General Granger or General Alexander
Clip: 4 Rounds
Weapon: 155 mm Howitzer
Armour: Medium Plate
Speed: Medium
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training

This is USA "Titan" Mk.I Prototype Tank. A experimental heavy tank, produced for heavy fire power and heavy defensive position, is use to shake-down the uproar of the new PLA forces. There are also EMP Missiles variation and Railgun variation for General Alexander and General Townes.

Side: USA
Clip: 8 Anti-tank Missiles
Size: Around Emperor Tank (Estimated)
Weapon: Unique Cannon, Anti-tank Missiles Pot, Machine Gun
Armour: Heavy Plate
Speed: Slow
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training, Mine Clearing
#Note: I cannot guarantee that you will see this unit in Skirmish mode. Also, this applies to some new units as well

This is USA Laser Comanche. Nothing specific here, this is just a rebuild to replace the one in the latest release.

Side: General Townes
Weapon: Vulcan, Double-Laser Battery
Armour: Standard Comanche Plate
Speed: Fast
Upgrade: Advanced Training, Countermeasures

This is USA Upgradable Minesweeper. Only specific tanks could be upgraded with this thing due to balancing and game engine limitation.

Function: Sweep mines, prevent the owner from mine damages
#Note: I cannot guarantee that you will see this thing in Skirmish mode.

The difference between these two variations would be health and damage resistance since it can be damaged from bombs and shit.

As for the flags, there are only a few things I could implement on them. As the followings are the possible function of them flags:
-Area Revealer
-Area-Healing Zone
-Auto Supply Generating Zone
-Reduce Cost of Units, Buildings, etc.
And yes, I welcome suggests other than these and flag conquest if it's possible to be done. Feel free.

Be aware that these are not entirely done yet, some are merely a completed unit. Things might change as the time flies but feel free to suggest or advice.

Thank you for reading if you actually have read the entire thing. It's very tiring to write stuff D:
tay tune for more updates in the future, in this case is the new garrison penetration system, I'll upload the video once it's completed, and see you later.

Digital Art - Kore de ... Koi~?

After watching the latest Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo episode, I'm impressed by this scene thus I've drawn it in my version.

The quote in that scene, translated in English, is:
"Ever since ~
You told me not to go ...
You held me so tight ...
Your voice is still in my ears ...
Is this ... Love?"

I wish this happened to me ; _ ;
"Reality is a lovely place
But I wouldn't wanna live there~"

Just ignore the statements above, I was drunk :la:

:dummy: Long live Mashiro! :dummy:

Tools: Sai, Photoshop

Digital Art - Christmas's Wish

Merry Christmas... I guess.

Answer, before a question; there's no snow since there's none in Thailand. End of the story. And that would give this painting a huge contrast.

This isn't purpose to be a Christmas gift but it is anyway. The only reference to Christmas is that the girl is wearing a red scarf.

This is purpose to be a school work in which theme "Justice" is given. This represents how the modern society looks like generally. There are those who choose use their worth as a hospitality and those who choose not to. There are those who are different in prosperity but not in blood. There are who wish that "this" would ended before it consumes the very being of our race.

Dafuq did I just write? lol. Never mind. Enjoy you holidays.

Tools: Photoshop, Sai

Digital Art - Summary of Art: 2012

Arts listed as below:

January - Lilly, Katawa Shoujo
February - Hare, Colored
March - Kore wa Natsu Desu
April - Sorami Kanata, Sora no Woto
May - Shana Desu
June - Shojo no C.C. Lemon
July - OC: Lias 'Imma' Amsel
August - Commission: Adarus The Vampire
September - Eucliwood The Necromancer
October - Mind Game (u) Heart Race
November - Special: Halloween's Night
December - Art Trade: Coco Tsukari

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Digital Art - Coco Tsukari

An art trade with angelxrock188 through her original character, details as below:

Name: Coco Tsukari
Nickname: Choko-tan

 If you're interested, you can ask her by yourself since I can't provide any biographical information.

Tools: Sai, Photoshop